Fantasy baseball stats excel

By: Bryan Povlinski. So you really want to dominate your fantasy league this year. Sound familiar? There are a few different ways that you can easily get data out of any website and into your own Excel spreadsheet.

Here is an overview of the methods I use starting with the most simple. Excel for Mac does not seem to have direct connection to the web, but you could download an HTML file and then connect directly to that static file. Sometimes the way the web page is formatted prevents Excel from importing the data with this method. There are many formatting advantages and a broader list of functions to choose from in Excel, but when it comes to interacting with data on the web — Google Spreadsheets blows Excel away in my opinion.

An example of an importHTML function would be:. The data returned from this function will automatically refresh every time you open the spreadsheet.

This can be really useful when you have a web page that constantly updates stats or game results throughout the season and you want to build a model that is designed to make predictions continually.

This function can become extremely powerful when you want to access a data source from which the URL changes either over time or depending on the variables you choose. This is useful on sites like www. There are still some limitations to this function that prevent it from working with certain web pages. Sites that are password protected or secured in some way will not return any data. Also, sites that use an embedded tool or plug-in to display data instead of displaying it as a table or list will not work with this formula.

Unfortunately, when you try to pull data from a page that has an issue it typically causes errors in the spreadsheet even after you delete the formula. Finally, the last tool that might be the easiest to use is the Chrome Web Scraper.

This is a plug-in that works with Google Chrome that allows you to point and click on any web page and export the data into Google Docs. This tool is used more useful for a one-time analysis than it is to continually pull data. However, the other nice thing that this tool does is give you the XPath reference for the data on the page. There are many resources out there that can offer a much better explanation of XPath than I can.

For the purposes of pulling sports data into a spreadsheet it can be useful if none of the other options work with your page. There are 2 arguments for the importXML function.

If you have questions on any of these methods to pull sports data into a spreadsheet feel free to add them in the comments. Keep in mind though that certain web pages are simple impossible to pull from and you may have to resort to simple copy and pasting or attacking the problem from a more technical perspective.

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Success Stories Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been won using our tools. Free Access. Follow Us. MLB Projection Tool. About Me.Looking to get a jump on the season? Here are the Excel tools and books that are updated and ready to help you prepare for the upcoming season. All of the spreadsheet tools listed below have been updated for the season.

Co-authored with Jeff Zimmerman, this is our comprehensive guide of the process we use to succeed during a fantasy baseball season. The process takes only minutes. No messy Excel formulas. Just load your projections into the file, adjust a few settings, and standings gain points rankings are calculated automatically. Click here to read more about the tool. The process take minutes and will give a huge advantage over owners that are not tailoring rankings specifically to the league scoring system.

Click here to read more about the points league tool. An easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet that can combine or average up to three different projection sets. Ever wanted to create your own rotisserie rankings? This is my instructional guide written specifically to show you how to create customized rotisserie player rankings, dollar values, and inflation dollar values, in Microsoft Excel, tailored to your own league. No more downloading rankings from the web, hoping they apply to your unique league.

AL-only or mixed league? This book will guide you through the process of developing rankings for just about any kind of rotisserie league. My step-by-step guide to building custom rankings, dollar values, and inflation dollar values, in Microsoft Excel, for your points league.

This book will guide you through the process of developing rankings for just about any point-based scoring format. Follow smartfantasybb.

Fantasy baseball cheat sheets

It takes learning advanced Excel skills. Whatever projection set you have access to should work. Interested in learning more about this tool? Watch the following video or click here to read all about its features.Game Day Live!

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fantasy baseball stats excel

Loading your leagues. Go Now. Read more of Consensus Rankings. Articles Player News. Michael Waterloo. Mario Mergola. FantasyPros Staff. Philadelphia Phillies Fantasy Baseball Preview. Round 4 Fantasy Baseball Draft Analysis Colorado Rockies Fantasy Baseball Preview.

Round 3 Fantasy Baseball Draft Analysis Oakland Athletics Fantasy Baseball Preview. Jon Anderson. Brusdar Graterol: initial role uncertain in loaded Dodgers' pitching staff. Brendan Tuma. Ty Buttrey intercostal throws a pitch bullpen. Dustin Pedroia knee 'still not at a point to come back'. Alex Verdugo back not progressing as quickly as hoped.

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Steve Pearce announces retirement. Trey Mancini out for months, not weeks.

fantasy baseball stats excel

Carmen Maiorano.Do you ever wonder how the fantasy baseball experts create these rankings they post for the world to see? I mean, their rankings play a pretty large role when deciding ADP in the draft season.

I promise you that experts in the business are doing their own rating system. However, if you are like me, you enjoy taking advantage of all the different statistics that are made so easily accessible to the public. The best way to capitalize on these accessible statistics is to create your very own fantasy baseball player rater! You know, like something here from Baseball Monsterexcept you get to decide what stats you want to use.

Alright, I want to apologize in advance if I am talking every step out here. This article may be more geared toward the casual fantasy baseball player looking to get ahead in their home leagues, but everyone starts somewhere! Embed from Getty Images.

The Depth Charts projections from FanGraphs is a solid option, as it is a combination of multiple prediction models from the site. As alluded to in Step 1, I will use the Depth Charts projections for for my player rater template.

Follow the link above and check out the scope of the page. Click on that, which yields a CSV download file. Open it in Excel or equivalent. You should have a fairly large list! Before starting your calculations, prepare your spreadsheet to eliminate all the clutter. It sounds like housekeeping, but this makes player rater finalization much easier. Next, handpick the categories you want. Just be sure to avoid doubling up on statistics or else you could tip your rating system to favor a certain style of player.

This is where the difference between points and rotisserie leagues comes into play. Once you have prepared your spreadsheet, you are ready for action! Insert a column to the right of your first category. In my case, as seen in the picture below, I will be assessing the HR column. There are two calculations you need to make before finding the z-scores: average and standard deviation.

Excel can calculate that for you — find a couple of empty cells and input the following equations:. The second number in Equations 1 and 2 are determined by how many rows you have in your sheet. As I mentioned before, I had players and a header row, hence the Record that average and standard deviation for the next formula. Just how good is that? The easiest way to do that is to hover your cursor over the bottom right corner of cell D2 or whatever cell has your formula.

Double-click on that and it will fill the rest of the column with the same formula. For aesthetic purposes, you can decrease the number of decimal places to the hundredths place. Repeat this step for each of the remaining categories in your sheet. If you are calculating a z-score for a statistic that is better when lower i.The image below is a downloadable excel draft sheet broken down by position and ranking. Auction prices and average draft positions are included, alongside projections by category.

I touch on some of my favorite options for each fantasy category below. While he has had the aid some noise from the dugout, Jose Altuve is still a name that is headed for a strong average. He leads the league in average over the last three seasons among qualified hitters.

A fair amount of the top end names are going to hit for over a.

Fantasy baseball rankings: Head-to-head categories league top-300 and positional ranks

Luis Arraez is someone who projects to hit over. Newly acquired Alex Verdugo has an injury issue, and is in danger of missing Opening Day. Back problems are something that can linger, but he has already shown he is a strong contact bat. He will also likely lead off for Boston when healthy. Jeff McNeil is a good contact bat coming off of a 23 home run season, also hitting. Davis is another draft value, coming off a. The middle infield in Philadelphia is being overlooked right now, and Jean Segura is someone who has hit over.

Segura brings double-digit home run and steal upside as well. Over the past two seasons, Max Muncy has 70 home runs. Matt Olson cranked 36 home runs in games last season, after missing the first month and a half of the season.

Health has played a big part for some of the projected top home run options. Franmil Reyes is one of my favorite late round targets, who will get a big bump playing in Cleveland. He will see more at-bats playing outfield everyday, and he projects for over 30 home runs and not too shabby of an average either. After a down year, people have forgot that Khris Davis has his 71 home runs over the past two seasons, which is 10th in the league.

Marcus Semien was a true fantasy stud last season, and projects for just a shade under runs this year. He ranks 6th in runs over the past two seasons, and if you miss out on the first few shortstop options, Semien is right there for the taking. The group of young Blue Jays are coming, and they have quite a few names that project fairly high Bo Bichette is one name who projects for a true breakout year. With the Jays having what should be an improved offense, Bichette has a ton of upside in the runs department.

Adam Eaton is someone who needs to stay healthy, but plenty of run opportunity leading off for Washington. Keston Hiura has a real chance to breakout in a big way. Across the board he is projected for big things. A lot of the big RBI names are going to be tied to the top home run and hitters. Rafael Devers is 25th. One of the more underrated fantasy players of late is Eduardo Escobar. He ranks 11th in RBI over the last two seasons, and also has 58 home runs.

If Rhys Hoskins has changed his swing for the better, Hoskins is a nice buy low candidate right now. The power is there, but he had a sluggish Carlos Santana is just an uber consistent option.

He has RBI over the last two seasons and 58 home runs. He also has a.Making your own spreadsheet is a bit niche. But I know you folks are out there and I have a feeling those making their own fantasy spreadsheets are likely to be hanging out here at Rotographs. I believe all the formulas will also work in previous versions of Excel, Google Sheets, and other free Excel alternatives, but there may be subtle differences.

I also assume you have some familiarity with spreadsheets and this is not your first rodeo.

fantasy baseball stats excel

Finally, rename the worksheet. You can definitely keep these columns in your file. The next issue we have to address is the fact that some players have multi-position eligibility.

Take Buster Posey for example. What is this doing? If you disagree, just swap the positions in the formula into your order of preference. After adding the formula to cell E2, copy the formula to the remaining cells in that column. The easiest way to do this is to click once again on E2 in order to select it. Then double-click on the small square that will appear in the lower right-hand corner of the cell.

Then repeat the same process of double-clicking on the box in the corner of cell F2 to copy that formula to the remaining cells in the column. Trout is the first outfielder. Harper the second. Goldschmidt the first 1B.

Altuve the first 2B. Then Betts is the third outfielder.

Fantasy Baseball Stats

You get the idea. Enter the following formula in cell B The MATCH function will look in a designated row or column and tell you which item in that row or column represents the match.No matter what kind of league you play in, our experts have rankings for you. If you're looking for cheat sheets, analysis and more, be sure to visit our draft kit. Don't have a team yet? Read on for Tristan H. Cockcroft's head-to-head categories rankings, or click here for roto leagues or here for points leagues.

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Skip to navigation. Fantasy baseball rankings for head-to-head categories leagues.

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Fantasy baseball rankings, projections, strategy and cheat sheets. Fantasy baseball cheat sheets.

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Fantasy baseball roto rankings. Fantasy baseball: H2H categories rankings.

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Fantasy baseball dynasty rankings: Top players for and beyond. Closer depth chart: All the latest moves. Playbook Inning 3: Auction drafts. Playbook Inning 2: League formats. The Playbook: Fantasy Baseball How we are adjusting fantasy baseball projections for the delayed start of season. Holding your fantasy baseball draft now anyway? Here's how to tweak your strategy.

SSAS Data Mining with Excel - Fantasy Baseball Made Easier

Tristan H. Cockcroft's 'Not on my team! Nightmare players to avoid in fantasy baseball points leagues. Who should go No. Aug 27, Tristan H.

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